From a short comic story project that Kim and I worked on back in 2009. Final colors painted in Photoshop (if memory serves me right) on a Wacom-equipped tablet PC. Here’s the comic in its entirety:

Molecule Renders

Back when I worked for Promega Corporation, I created a bunch of molecule renderings for their marketing materials, using Blender and Modo. Some of my favorites, however, were never used for any campaign. This rendering of the AKT protein, done in Blender, reminds me in style and mood of some of my favorite Escher prints. […]

Hi, new blog

It’s been about 5 years since I touched my personal website. In the meantime, I: Graduated from the MATC design and illustration program, Worked for four years at Promega Corporation in Madison, WI, Resigned from Promega, worked for most of 2014 on an awesome 3D molecular visualization program, Moved in August 2014 from Madison to […]