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Having fun with WebGL

After fighting the inevitable for way too long, I submitted to the wisdom of the theorem that limt->∞(programming lanugages) = JavaScript With that in mind, I started to learn D3 and WebGL and React and… oh my. Here’s my first WebGL sketch worth showing. It’s a bit 80’s but what the hey. Code is here. […]

My year in git

My git commit activity on Molecule World this last year. I worked in fits and bursts, with July and half of August devoted to family responsibilities, which included (but weren’t limited to) moving to California. Update: Looking again at the above graph, it sure seemed mighty sparse… I was pretty sure I had worked on the project a […]

Molecule World v2

I’ve been the lead developer on Molecule World, a fantastic iPad app by Digital World Biology for visualizing complex biological molecules, since the spring of 2014. Brad Larson wrote the first version (based off his Molecules app, which set the bar for 3D visualization on iPhones), but I’ve added quite a lot of neat features since. It’s a […]

Build Your Own Boyfriend

Build Your Own Boyfriend is the comic project on which Kim and I lavished most of our time and attention, back when we were drawing graphic novels (stories, whatever). I still think it’s quirky, sweet, and features the kind of illustration style I’d return to in the blink of an eye: A bit of manga […]

Santa Cruz Bantam: First ride

Coming to Santa Cruz from the midwest, I quickly discovered that I had brought along the wrong bike. My trusty Surly Long Haul Trucker is perfect for long rides through rolling hills along the empty backroads of Wisconsin, but I’ve only taken it out a handful of times since moving here: Coastal California’s backroads are […]

Instagram fun

  I’ve become hooked on Instagram, perhaps the only social network site that I use willingly and frequently. It’s also become my favorite game on the iPhone: Take photos with the Instagram format in mind, then edit/apply filters/post them later when I have a spare moment. I’m macieksmuga on Instagram – please check me out there! […]

Studio model – pastels

Back when I was an illustration and design student at Madison Area Technical College, my favorite physical medium was probably pastels (thanks in no small part to an excellent illustration class led by the incomparable John “Dusty Mug” Ribble).

Technical illustration: Tandem Eccentric

Some tandem bikes feature an eccentric front bottom bracket, allowing the rider to adjust the timing chain tension. I picked this as a technical illustration project (using Illustrator) because I’ve sometimes had to adjust the position of this eccentric on the road – say, after a wipeout, when the timing chain fell off.