Build Your Own Boyfriend

byob2-cover-20080308Build Your Own Boyfriend is the comic project on which Kim and I lavished most of our time and attention, back when we were drawing graphic novels (stories, whatever). I still think it’s quirky, sweet, and features the kind of illustration style I’d return to in the blink of an eye: A bit of manga influence, some european comic stylings, and mostly just loose ink work. Back then we were part of Studio Anti Thesis, a loose group of aspiring Madison comic artists, several of whom have gone on to publish their own independent comics: Tribute Waters, Deverish Also, Whispers of the Divide.

Since our old comic website went down, I’m moving the entire run of BYOB to this page. Just click on the first page of the gallery below and keep hitting the Next arrow at the bottom of each page. Someday, when our kids are older and we’ve settled down in our new life, I hope to continue drawing this story.

Here’s the setup: Gwen, the frustrated engineering grad student, awakens her finest creation, 01 (later nicknamed “Owen”). Because if you can’t get guys to notice you, why not build your own?